In Other News: Dave Chappelle, The Haxan Cloak, and Infinite Jest Recreated with Lego

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August 28, 2014

The Haxan Cloak is Working on HEALTH's New Record

In an interview with The Quietus, London-based producer Bobby Krlic bka The Haxan Cloak revealed that he'll be working on the third full-length from LA crew HEALTH, a band he calls "massively underrated." This seems like a good fit. Krlic elaborates on his fandom: "If you see them live… they're just a monstrously heavy and weird band and I think this new record is going to cement that for them even further." We've seen them do their eardrum-splitting noise rock in person and can vouch for that. Also, you should read about Krlic's favorite heavy metal albums

James Murphy Helps "Generate" Music out of Tennis Data 

IBM developer Patrick Gunderson and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy are teaming up for a kind of strange tech/music/sports collaboration. They are collecting hard data from US Open matches and then filtering it through some sort of algorithm that will ostensibly translate it into something resembling music. Murphy seems slightly out of his element, but not in a bad way: "I'm not writing music, I'm generating probabilities for music." The video explains the rest. 

Dave Chappelle Hosting Common's AAHH! Fest

Pitchfork reports that the comedian has been dubbed master of ceremonies for AAHH! 2014, the Chicago-based festival curated by Common. The lineup includes rappers like Lil Herb, Lupe Fiasco, Jay Electronica as well some young, local talent. Should be tight.

A Tween and his Dad Re-Created Infinite Jest with Legos

For a certain kind of 11-year-old, there's nothing better than Legos and a new book (full disclosure: that was us). Sadly, the pre-teen who ambitously recreated 100 pivotal scenes from Infinite Jest using Legos with his English professor father hasn't read the book yet—adult content, sigh—but we expect he'll pick it up in a couple years (and then put it down, and then pick it up, and then put it down....). The project's official website, Brickjest, pairs the brightly-colored photos of their recreations with one or two lines of prose from Foster Wallace's tome. 

And, Finally...

Today, we learned all about the sort-of famous chair that Drake posts up in for a very private dance in Nicki's "Anaconda" video. It's called an Emeco 1006, and each one is made by 50 people over the course of eight hours. The end product is basically indestructible. Chill.   

In Other News: Dave Chappelle, The Haxan Cloak, and Infinite Jest Recreated with Lego