Line Item: Kate Foley and Time’s Arrow’s New Colorful Handbag Collection

September 02, 2014

Sure, we could (and do) talk endlessly about the clothes we love, but for our column, Line Item, we ask some of our favorite designers to tell us what they think about the best pieces from their newest collections. Today, Christine Park, creative director of luxe leather accessories brand Time's Arrow and Kate Foley, stylist, creative consultant and street style star, spill the deets behind their color-blocked collab and exactly what’s hidden in a lady’s purse. (Hint: EVERYTHING.)

Christine Park: There’s no shortage of beautifully designed bags on the market. With Time’s Arrow, the design process doesn’t stop there. We can design the inside of the bag thoughtfully because it’s meant to hold all of the many things we need throughout the day. We’ve all done the move where we drop our bags on the floor, assume the position and start to dig through for whatever small thing you’re looking for. Basically, we want to take away that experience. It’s the worst when you open your bag and it looks like a hot mess. For our first collaboration, we were really stoked to work with Kate. She’s very adventurous with her personal style— she wears tons of dainty white dresses but still loves crazy color combos, she has awesome hand tattoos but wears delicate gold rings— so for us she was just the perfect fit for the Times Arrow girl.

Kate Foley: I really wanted this collection to be elegant yet still playful. I love color and always find myself drawn to accessories in bright rich colors, which I pair with gold. That can be the jewelry that I wear or the hardware on a bag or shoe. I also have a love for crazy wacky prints. Oddly enough, the most challenging part of this collaboration was editing down the color ways and styles so that the collection didn't end up being huge! One moment, one bag is a favorite and the next moment it's a different one. I also love the Carmine/Capri color way which comes in the Helene and the Affine. I don't think I could choose just one! 

The Time's Arrow + Kate Foley collection will be available September 2nd through

Line Item: Kate Foley and Time’s Arrow’s New Colorful Handbag Collection