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North Carolina’s Well$ Drops “An Awfully Rude Reintroduction”

North Carolina rapper Well$ starts his “Week of Well$” series with “An Awefully Rude Reintroduction.”

September 02, 2014

Young North Carolina rapper Well$ had a pretty jammed-packed summer, performing across his home state and prepping this upcoming "Week of Well$," where he plans to release four new tracks and a video. "An Awfully Rude Introduction" is the start of the series, his first new material since we premiered MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher earlier this year. The unique first-generation perspective we took to on that album is retained here, and Well$' presence is as palpable on record as it is live. He sounds excited for whatever his future may hold--to be young, ambitious and ready to dream big. 

Posted: September 02, 2014
North Carolina’s Well$ Drops “An Awfully Rude Reintroduction”