In Other News: Yung Gud, Freedom of the DJ, and a Really Great Cover of “Shake it Off”

A few crucial bits from the internet today.

September 04, 2014

This Heartbreaking 2010 Joan Rivers Profile 

In this column, we usually post things that are new and often funny. We're not being cheeky when we post this excellent piece on Joan Rivers from a 2010 issue of New York magazine. It's not new, either. Senior Editor Emilie Friedlander pulled it up immediately upon hearing today's sad news, and we all began scouring the web for a video of her singing "Send in the Clowns."    

UK Producer Lone Talks EDM in New Documentary Series

Jump to ~ 7:45 to see recent FADER Mix-maker Lone talk about the American EDM scene. It's episode one of an eight part documentary series called Freedom of the DJ that explores the roots of dance music. 

This YouTube Cover Made Us Actually Like "Shake it Off"

We were vocal about our disappointment in Taylor Swift's huge new single, and its subsequent video, from the get-go. After watching this sweetly amateur YouTube cover, we're seeing it in a new light. Those boy-girl harmonies even made Taylor swoon; she posted the video on her Facebook this AM. 

Yung Gud Remixes Tinashe's "2 On"

Sad Boy beatsmith Yung Gud re-worked Tinashe's "2 On" and it goes. This is the second edit of this song we've been vibing to this week, the first being Dubbel Dutch's cosmically bouncy bootleg from his new EP.   

And, Finally....

The homies. 

In Other News: Yung Gud, Freedom of the DJ, and a Really Great Cover of “Shake it Off”