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Nice to Meet YOH!, the New Streetwear Line out of South Africa

The brand you’ll want to join, not just wear.

September 05, 2014
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    For years now, South African cool kids Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet have been throwing some of the best parties in Cape Town and Johannesburg under the YOH! umbrella. Their newest venture, a clothing line, bears the same name, and has the same sense of youthful exuberance, whimsical secrecy and sense of belonging. YOH! seems to have a symbol language all its own: various incarnations of ying yangs ring the neckline of a sweatshirt, monogram a polo shirt, stretch to fit the oblong eye sockets of an alien. Meanwhile, Euro, Yen, and US cent symbols dance across the pages of the look book and sprawl across the shirts, sweatshirts, tees, and beanies that define the line. United by minimal styling and the clothing's monochromatic shading, the look book also functions as a stark, emotive portraiture series of South African influencers. The video that accompanies the line has a similarly meticulous aesthetic language: the poetic clip has a tension and slightly de-saturated color palette that belies its shoe-string budget. It's clear from their output thus far that Visser and Saiet carefully curate their image and everything they touch, nothing about YOH! feels rushed, forced, or inauthentic. It's exactly the kind of club we want to join. See if you feel the same: watch the video below and peek through the visuals from the look book in our gallery above.

    Photo: Travys Owen, Video: Adriaan Louw

    Nice to Meet YOH!, the New Streetwear Line out of South Africa