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In Other News: Kanye’s Kicks, Suicideyear, and Behind the Scenes with Beyoncé

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September 05, 2014

Suicideyear Made a Mix for Dazed

We pegged James Prudhomme, the young producer who releases sadly warped trap beats as Suicideyear, as One To Watch at the tail end of 2k13. He's got a record coming out on Software soon, and Dazed had him put together a mix that twists up Rustie and Young Thug and a bunch more weird, good shit. 

Kayne's New Sneakers Probably Coming in November

Cool: in a classically Kanye mid-set dialogue, West told a crowd in Perth, Australia that his new Adidas kicks—The Yeezy IIIs—will probably be available to cop in November. Jump to ~2:30 in the video to hear for yourself. Hopefully we'll have a less crusty version of "All Day" by then, too. 

Go Backstage at Beyonce's Show-Stopping VMA Performance 

Beyoncé's 15-minute performance at this year's Video Music Award's was so tight, it has the internet wishing and hoping she'd pop up at every damn award show this season. Today, the mega-star released a four-minute video that takes us backstage at the show as Bey preps for the night's biggest moment. It's a little chaotic, but not exactly suspenseful since we know how it all turns out: flawlessly. 

Bob Mould Still Rips: The Rock Legend Releases a New Video, Preps for Reddit AMA

We already got to ask underground rock icon Bob Mould anything we wanted when we interviewed him for a story in our Summer Music issue. Now you can, too, when he hops on Reddit for an AMA on September 9th. He also released a video for his effusive pop-punk jam "The War"; it was helmed by 1991:The Year That Punk Broke director Dave Markey, and Mr. Grey looks as cool as he ever did. 

And, Finally...

In Other News: Kanye’s Kicks, Suicideyear, and Behind the Scenes with Beyoncé