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Rocko Faces Matters of the Heart on “Luv”

Rocko drops a downtrodden, TM88-produced ode to #teamsingle

September 08, 2014

Atlanta rapper Rocko is in a career position we've seen before: he's had a number of minor buzz records since the massive "U.O.E.N.O," and constantly releases mixtapes, but hasn't carved a real mainstream presence just yet. But with a stable of collaborators in tow and producers still bringing heat, Rocko isn't down and out and "Luv" might prove it. Produced by the shaggy haired TM88, "Luv" finds Rocko tired of the commitments, promises, and human connections that come with monogamy: he wants none of it. It's no wonder he starts the song cataloguing a rapper's primary concerns on any given item: how to spell it and how to buy it. 

Posted: September 08, 2014
Rocko Faces Matters of the Heart on “Luv”