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In Other News: RIP iPod Classic, Jhené Aiko’s Weed Advice, and More

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September 09, 2014

Apple Discontinues the iPod Classic :-(

Today, on the same day FADER editor Matt Trammell shared some daydreams about living a post-iPhone existence, Apple formally introduced the world to the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. But they also announced some sad news for early-aughts nostalgics like us: they are officially doing away with the iPod classic, Pitchfork reports. Sigh. 

iLoveMakonnen Makes his Debut

Our favorite everywhere-right-now singing rapper made a playlist for Vogue; it includes Bloc Party, Chromeo and Shania Twain's sappy but eternally affecting ballad, "You're Still the One." They ran a short interview with the Atlanta-based songwriter about his family's reaction to his recent successes and crying when he heard Miley Cyrus singing one of his songs. 

Jhené Aiko Talks Smoking Weed with Buzfeed

In a .gif-filled interview with Buzzfeed, the smooth-voiced singer from LA details 11 ways smoking weed can improve a woman's life. Our favorite? #8: the right weed can replace coffee. There's definitely a special place in our hearts for the wake & bake. 

Pussy Riot Launches New Russian News Outlet

In one of the week's more inspiring stories, Pussy Riot members Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alekhina have teamed with Russian political journalists Sergey Smirnov to launch a news website called Mediazone. According to a press release, Tolokonnikova hopes that by providing coverage of conditions in Russian prisons, police stations and courts, Mediazone can help counter the country's "clampdown" on independent media. She explains further: 

"Since our release from prison 6 months ago we've felt that Russian media are no longer able to cover what is going on. Because of the heavy censorship by authorities there is no space for anything in the media that criticises Putin's policies and tracks human rights abuses by Russian courts and law enforcement. Courts, prisons, arrests, convictions, riots in facilities, political criminal cases, crimes by law enforcement officials - our new media outlet will try to cover it all."

And, Finally...

The FADER #94 is almost....done...

In Other News: RIP iPod Classic, Jhené Aiko’s Weed Advice, and More