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Hear Old Nextel Phone Chirps on Well$’ “Stella 95”

We’re one reference away from a full-fledged flip phone revival.

September 09, 2014

Last week North Carolina rapper Well$ put out a number of tracks and a video in celebration of his 20th birthday and his appearance at at North Carolina’s Hopscotch Music Festival this past weekend. “Stella 95” was one of the more subdued cuts; the track finds the young rapper puffing out his chest but the ghastly production—courtesy of PGMW and Thefacesblur—sets an altogether different mood. Bewteen this song's opening Nextel chirp ad-libs and Father's "Nokia," we're about one more reference away from a full-fledged flip phone revival. Find that Razr! 

Posted: September 09, 2014
Hear Old Nextel Phone Chirps on Well$’ “Stella 95”