Hardcore Horror, Bugs & Daffy, Drunk Demons: Three Art Exhibits to Catch This Weekend

Catch new exhibits from Shawn Powers, Chuck Jones, and Neck Face this weekend.

September 11, 2014

As New York Fashion Week skids to a close, there should be some fresh room in your Instagram feed this weekend for new shapes and shades tucked away in some of the tightest exhibits showing. I don't make it to galleries as often as I'd like, but these three exhibits showing on both coasts have been hanging in my peripheral all week--be a better person than I am and go peep while you still can. 

Queens native Shawn Powers put together "Hardcore Horror" at the top of the month featuring canvases, mixed media collages, and a couple hundred individually painted tiles across the showing floor. He's known more for skating Tompkins than stretching canvas, but stray pics of the show reveal a strong hand and twisted humor that we're fucking with. Get to the top floor of 175 Canal before October 3rd to lurk for yourself. 

Speaking of Queens, the Chuck Jones retrospective "What's Up, Doc" is up now at the Museum of Moving Image and well worth the trek out east. Animator Charles Martin "Chuck" Jones was the pen behind some of the most iconic characters in history: Bugs, Daffy, Wile E., Pepé, the whole gang. His contributions to both the moving image medium and countless sugary Saturday mornings are immeasurable, and now the Smithsonian has teamed up with the MoMI to host 23 of his animated shorts and over 125 original sketches and storyboards from the Looney Tunes golden era. 

LA street scrawler Neck Face has a pop-up showing "Drinking on the Job" at New Image Art in Los Angeles this week, featuring his signature alcoholic demons, bombed kegs, and a t-shirt collab with Pizzanista that immortalizes our love of pizza and getting buzzed in the office. The musings on bar room culture are dark but prevalent, and his puke/pepperoni shades of orange and red are as twisted as ever. It's up till Saturday and he's doing a Q/A today, so West Coasters roll over to 7920 Santa Monica while you can. 

Posted: September 11, 2014
Hardcore Horror, Bugs & Daffy, Drunk Demons: Three Art Exhibits to Catch This Weekend