Daily Dose: New York Fashion Week, Day Seven

Hard and fast then soft and sweet. We loved Wednesday.

September 11, 2014

NYFW didn't chill out just because it was Wednesday. Instead it got hard and intense and a little dark at Maria Ke Fisherman and Luar Zepol, aggressively cool at Proenza Schouler and pretty much perfect at Delpozo and Osklen. It may be almost over but this may have been one of our favorite days so far.


Delpozo's strong spring showing was many things. Modest, structural, rich—but always playful—it reminded us of Fellini, tucked away beaches, dinner on the terrace. The dresses and separates were sculptural and stiff but infused with whimsy. See the entire collection, here.

Maria Ke Fisherman

We loved Maria Ke Fisherman's sporty, spacey black and white spread for SS15. Zenon in Adidas, the collection featured luxe, even normal fabrics in techy, futurist silhouettes. The beauty was also on point, with the female models rocking a pared down variation on a french braid that we're trying for ourselves right now. See Milk's lush behind the scenes photo diary, here.

Luar Zepol

Luar Zepol was low key kind of terrifying. Attendees waited in pitch black darkness for nearly ten minutes before ear splitting school bells signalled the beginning of the show. Models stalked slowly in circles, their hair elaborately done up with zip ties. The models wore imposing black rings of paint around their faces and Zepol's signature Mad Max-style garb, looking like that kid who sits alone at lunch who you really don't want to fuck with. Indeed, designer Raul Lopez explains the collection has roots in the anxiety he experienced dealing with gangs in high school. The swirling pattern of the path that the models followed formed a kind of confrontational, hostile dance that enhanced the aggressive beauty of the clothes. See the collection up close and personal, here.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler SS15 had us catching our breath. The designers' reinterpretation of American sportswear felt inherently familiar but with a wicked sharp edge. Demure motocross detailing, colored leather, abundant cutouts and liberal fringe defined the collection's aesthetic. Certain looks may have deviated from the cohesive overarching themes, but the leather looks—yes, leather like you've never seen it before—picked up any creative slack. 


If Osklen's SS15 had a uniting theme, it might be likability. Osklen nailed every lazy girl's ultimate fantasy: simple, unfussy apparel that looked amazing. From the all white looks edged up with clear plastic detailing, to black slip dresses that would be at home in a ballroom or on a beach, somewhere out there is the luckiest girl in the world, and she's wearing head to toe Osklen. See the entire collection, here.

Daily Dose: New York Fashion Week, Day Seven