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Caribou Becomes His Alter-Ego Daphni for a Gutsy Mix Of “Our Love”

The dreamy title track of Dan Snaith’s upcoming album gets a remix aimed straight at the dancefloor.

September 14, 2014

Back in 2011, Dan Snaith, aka Caribou, became aka Daphni. Daphni was a new dance project inspired by time spent DJing on the road, and was, according to his statement at the time, all about making "rough...spontaneous" dance music that captured the "unpredictable" nature of electronic instruments. Now gearing up for his fourth full-length Caribou release, Snaith is showing how adept he is at sliding back and forth between the two guises with this "Daphni mix" of the album's title track, "Our Love." The original might be up in the clouds with bursts of romantic strings and a constant swirling vocal, but in the hands of Daphni, it's a stripped-back, aerodynamic listen, a heavy dancefloor pulse stretched out over seven minutes. Snaith recently told the FADER that the title "Our Love" comes from "the love I felt from the people when we were playing at festivals, and the want to make something that feels generous and loving. I wanted to make it a direct transmission from me to the person hearing it, not this kind of reverb-y, miasmic, cloudy-sounding thing, like Swim, which was kind of floating around all the time." It's that attitude you can hear in this gutsy mix; imagine the love in the crowd for this one.

Posted: September 14, 2014
Caribou Becomes His Alter-Ego Daphni for a Gutsy Mix Of “Our Love”