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Bop King DLow is Back with “DLow Shuffle Part 2”

Chicago’s leader of Bop sharpened up his look for the sequel to his regional banger “Dlow Shuffle.”

September 15, 2014

Yesterday Dlow, the Chicago dancer known for his supreme skills at the regional dance called Bop, released the follow-up video to his original "Dlow Shuffle." Currently sitting at over seven million views, the original finds Dlow in some Hollister sweats doing his own dance, but in the follow-up, the production values are a bit higher and he doesn't look he just hopped out of bed. Dance movements like the Nae Nae and Yeet are incorporated into Dlow's steps, alongside fellow Chicago dancer Lil Kemo's own moves. It might be a lot for Bop newcomers, but it's a great follow-up to the original song. 

Posted: September 15, 2014
Bop King DLow is Back with “DLow Shuffle Part 2”