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Yelawolf Channels Backwoods Rock on “Till It’s Gone”

Yelawolf’s Love Story is on the way.

September 17, 2014

Yelawolf has spent a number of years finding balance between his immense rap talents and his own roots in southern rock. After his major label album Radioactive was released to mixed response, he seemed to go off in a number of different musical directions, from an EP with Ed Sheeran, to experiments with dubstep. But "Till It's Gone," premiered during last night's Sons of Anarchy, is a good middle ground: retaining his own rap talents and featuring production that grabs the guitars and drums of a backwoods rock song. Hopefully Yelawolf can keep down this path, as it sharply differentiates him from other MCs. His sophomore effort Love Story drops soon, and he'll be heading out on tour throughout Slumerica this fall.

Posted: September 17, 2014
Yelawolf Channels Backwoods Rock on “Till It’s Gone”