In Other News: Emma Watson Photo Hoax, Pornhub Records and Dries Van Noten’s Mossy Runway

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September 24, 2014

Emma Watson Photo Leak Threat Was Actually a Publicity Hoax

Yesterday, we highlighted Emma Watson's impactful speech about feminism was well as a rage-evoking reaction by one 4chan user who threatened to leak nude photos of the actress. As Dazed reports, though, the whole thing was actually a not very tasteful hoax orchestrated by Rantic, a viral marketing organization that's seemingly hell bent on shutting down 4chan. "They're trolls with huge bags of money," one Reddit user says of Rantic. 

Nothing Was The Same Turns One

Saint Pepsi, whose retro-sounding FADER Mix we shared on the site yesterday, just released a technicolor edit of "Worst Behavior," a song you might have heard before by a little-known rapper named Drake. To curb any lingering Nothing was the Same nostalgiawhich dropped one year ago this week, revisit this breakdown of potential influences on its album artwork and an essay discussing the Canadian rapper and novelist Tao Lin. 

We Wanna Nap on Dries Van Noten's Moss-Covered Runway 

At the end of Dries Van Noten's Paris Fashion Week show, all the models sat down on the runway like a pack of school chums about to light up a spliff in the park. It wasn't a normal runway, though: it was covered in moss and succulents, creating a dreamy, textural backdrop for the Belgian designer's layered print constructions. VFiles likened the scene to Middle Earth. 

PornHub Is Officially Launching A Record Label

Strange reports that 51-year-old rapper Coolio was releasing a record through popular adult video site Pornhub were demystified today. Billboard reports that the site is officially launching a label, Pornhub Records, and they're also holding a contest to find the site's new anthem. Both Xiu Xiu and FaltyDL recently premiered music videos on the site, too.  

And, Finally...

Andy Milonakis tweeting @ ILoveMakonnen made our day. 

In Other News: Emma Watson Photo Hoax, Pornhub Records and Dries Van Noten’s Mossy Runway