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Get Lost in TĀLĀ’s “Alchemy”

The London producer/singer’s Alchemy EP is due out November 17 on Aesop.

September 24, 2014

Next month, genre-bending producer and singer TĀLĀ—whose name means "Gold" in Farsi, we learned when we interviewed her earlier this year—will release her second EP of the year, Alchemy. Today she shares the project's title track, which wraps a classic R&B style hook—oh, baby I love you so—in gauzy synths and tittering drums, knitting together sounds seemingly harvested from around the globe and across the years with powerful electronic underpinnings. It's tantalizing, but the only thing is, she seems to have her alchemy reversed: I can make the gold turn to rust, she warns. Alchemy is out November 17th via Aesop.

Posted: September 24, 2014
Get Lost in TĀLĀ’s “Alchemy”