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Download a Tongue-Twisting New Jeremih Tune, “Nobody But U”

Late Nights: The Album is almost upon us.

September 26, 2014

As it gets closer, the maddening anticipation of Late Nights: The Album has been making me a little nervous. It's not only that it's the first major release from Jeremih since his career-redefining 2012 mixtape of flexible, fluid R&B (apart from N.O.M.A., his recent release of album off-cuts), but that it even takes that mixtape's name. Until the album's official release next month, you can consider me the second most likely person to be using the "prayer" emoji after Drake as I wait on more Late Nights magic. But all the signs so far have been pointing to an album that has all the same fire and ambition; as well as the surprise rave-indebted smash "Don't Tell 'Em," you can now hear the tongue-twisting freebie "Nobody But U." It's a slow-motion moment of infatuation in the club with a new bae keeping Jeremih's eyes on cruise control, and likewise, the song has also got me falling hard on first impressions. The spacious slow grind and playful hook - ain't nobody in here with that body, nobody but you - are drenched in that Late Nights charisma. Bring on October 7.

Posted: September 26, 2014
Download a Tongue-Twisting New Jeremih Tune, “Nobody But U”