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Nothing’s Dominic Palermo Made a Really Creepy Video for “B&E”

And we wouldn’t recommend watching it alone at home.

September 29, 2014

Back in 2011, the GEN F-profiled Philadelphia rock band Nothing released their second EP, Downward Years To Come, on a Baltimore hardcore label called A389 Records. There were some songs they recorded in those sessions that didn't make the cut, and one of them was an acoustic version of "B&E," later to be transformed into the crushing, wall-of-sound behemoth that appears on this year's Guilty of Everything. Skeletal and eerie, that earlier version of the track appears on a new, expanded version of the EP that A389 just put out (grab it here). To celebrate the release, songwriter-guitarist Dominic "Nicky" Palermo took advantage of a bad case of jetlag last week to splice together some real-life home invasion footage he found on the internet.

 "I have been sleeping at very strange hours since returning from Asia," he told us in an email. "The past 6 days I've woken up at 5:24 or just minutes past like some low-budget horror film. So when it happened this morning, I went downstairs, sat at my dining room table, and started searching for home invasion video footage. I started ripping clips and splicing it together until it started looking like one break in. This went on until the sun finally came up." Like the music he makes, the result is equal parts sinister and sublime. 

Nothing’s Dominic Palermo Made a Really Creepy Video for “B&E”