Watch Cathedrals Light and Love Filled “Unbound” Video

Real life couples and principle ballerina ​Maria Kochetkova set the mood in electro-pop duo’s debut video.

September 30, 2014

San Francisco boy/girl electro-pop duo Cathedrals cast a trifecta of light, love and principle ballerina Maria Kochetkova to set the mood in this new video for "Unbound," a track off their recently released eponymous EP. Isaac Bauman, the cinematographer on Drake's “Worst Behavior” video, captured the band, real life couples and Kochetkova exploring outer bounds each in their own way in front of a twinkling LED installation by Alex Light. The video's director, Sam Pressman, explains his vision this way:

“The intimacy of the lovers is the ground, the base emotion of the song – the light cubes are the rhythm, continuous in every shot of the video they remind that everyone herein is coexisting even if we so often feel separate – Maria is the spirit, up and down, dancing our worlds together – and Cathedrals are our storytellers mirroring the struggle of the lovers to find each other.”

Cathedrals will play with the light installation used in the video live in New York next month at the Neon Gold CMJ show. Cathedrals is out now via Neon Gold, and it is excellent.

Watch Cathedrals Light and Love Filled “Unbound” Video