RZA Shares New Details About A Better Tomorrow’s Release

They’ve embedded an album teaser into a portable Bluetooth speaker.

October 01, 2014

Leaving the forward-looking experimentation to Thom York, the Wu-Tang Clan's latest buzz-building scheme harkens back to the days of Discmans and boom boxes. In a new interview with BillboardRZA reveals that the group's 20th anniversary record, A Better Tomorrow, “should” hit shelves on Black Friday (November 28). But before then, he says, there will be a limited release of portable Bluetooth speakers pre-loaded with select songs from the album, as well as exclusive instrumentals and one bonus track, to holdover eager fans. The idea for this tangible album teaser, RZA says, was born out of a nostalgia for the days when music was distributed physically:

I had the idea pop up into my head, for a while, about music being kind of disconnected to us. Of being so digitized and accessible, but yet not tangible. I just remember how I enjoyed music, when I bought the record, or bought the CD, or bought the cassette. I bought it, it was in my hands, it was mines. I felt like music wasn't really ours anymore ... But this thing here, a tangible item, like your old Walkman or your old cassette, or your old record, that's what this is bringing back.

Boombotix will produce 3,000 Wu-edition Boombot Rex stamped with the “W” logo, and they can be preordered here.

RZA also discusses the concept behind the album and the long process of writing and recording it; head over to Billboard to read the full interview.

RZA Shares New Details About A Better Tomorrow’s Release