Introducing Our 2014 Producers Issue: Arca and Flying Lotus

In celebration of the beatmaking masterminds pushing pop forward.

October 01, 2014

For this year's October/November issue, which hits newsstands October 21st, we wanted to celebrate the sorts of backstage masterminds who are becoming global music influencers in their own right. So, we decided to send Andy Beta to hang with Flying Lotus in Los Angeles to get to the bottom of the shape-shifting experimentalist's jazzy, death-confronting new album. Emilie Friedlander spent a week in London with Arca, the reclusive Kanye-collaborator whose boundary-pushing productions are jonesing to explode the rhythmic and harmonic foundation that radio fare is built on. Plus, Duncan Cooper went to the heart of Atlanta to report an inside feature on OVO upstart iLoveMakonnen, the baby-faced artist whose eccentric hip-hop has united some of the city's most promising young producers. 

FADER #94 Features:
Cover Story: Arca Finds Xen
Cover Story: Flying Lotus Confronts Death
The Fall and Rise of iLoveMakonnen

Check out hi-res versions of this issue’s Arca and Flying Lotus covers below. Pre-order a copy of the issue here.

Introducing Our 2014 Producers Issue: Arca and Flying Lotus