In Other News: Tim & Eric, George Zimmerman’s Family and Facebook’s “Identity Problem”

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October 02, 2014

Tim & Eric Did an AMA

The comedy duo's no-holds-bar Q&A session is actually not as outlandish as we hoped, but there are some buried gems.

Q: Hey Tim what's one banal aspect of modern life that you find terrifying or hilarious?
A: well i just took a shit in a porto potty outside a construction sight right near where our bus is parked. i feel like nothing phases me anymore.


GQ Gets to Know George Zimmerman's Family

To find what it's like being related to a truly hated human, read Amanda Robbs' well-researched "Zimmerman Family Values" feature for GQ. 

The Atlantic Explores Facebook's "Identity Problem"

Facebook issued a public apology for suspending drag queens accounts who used monikers, but The Atlantic asserts it hasn't solved the problem; their piece has some amazingly quotable passages: "But maintaining multiple identities online is not just for drag queens. We all perform versions of ourselves."

Check out Photographer Dafy Hagai's Dreamy New Book, Israeli Girls

"I thought most people don't really have an image of how youth culture looks like in a place like Israel, especially when you think about girls and sexuality," the Tel Aviv-bred photographer told Dazed, who also has an exclusive slideshow of photos."These girls are young, teenage, suburban and cool."

And, Finally...

Everyone has those days.

In Other News: Tim & Eric, George Zimmerman’s Family and Facebook’s “Identity Problem”