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Stream London O’ Connor’s “Oatmeal”

Slow days and family blues on full display in London O’ Connor’s soothing new single.

October 02, 2014

This crusty-ass nigga on the couch again / He don't do nothing but watch the TV, is how the rapper London O' Connor starts his humorous new cut "Oatmeal." It's not necessarily that London's upset with this lazy, couch-ridden uncle, but he desperately wants to escape the suburbs that house this General Mills-consuming relative. Suburban boredom can start to set in pretty quickly once a young kid realizes there is only so much joy one can gleam hopping from strip mall parking lot to strip mall parking lot. London sees that other friends have set into this lifestyle, but he's ready for the wheels of his life to keep driving forward--that angst might explain the hint of grunge he sneaks into the hook.

Posted: October 02, 2014
Stream London O’ Connor’s “Oatmeal”