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This Lurk NYC “Nightmares” Tee Gives Us the Chills

Cop if you dare.

October 03, 2014

Nick von Werssowetz's Lurk NYC drops some of the best skate clips on the East Coast, and their one-off tee releases are just as strong. Right on time for chilly autumn nights spent creeping and crawling, Lurk released this razor sharp "Nightmares" tee with slasher OG Michael Myers splashed on the back. Halloween has been a favorite of mine forever—seeing a six-year-old Michael chop up his big sister in the opening scene felt particularly empowering as a youth. And while it's not the high-minded satire we're used to seeing brands sending up for Hallow's Eve, the heavy-handed, jarringly literal design falls right in line with Lurk's eye for the raw. Cop if you dare at their webstore and while you're at it, check out FrankenFlix, 10 scary FADER selects on Netflix this month. 

Posted: October 03, 2014
This Lurk NYC “Nightmares” Tee Gives Us the Chills