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Download JODY Rapper/Producer David Ashley’s Debut Solo LP

Chicago rapper and JODY member David Ashley drops his debut LP for a new label he’s running with Supreme Cuts and others.

October 06, 2014

Part of the squad behind Chicago's weirdest boy band has morphed its efforts into a record label called POSTURE, making its debut today with rapper David Ashley's solo LP, Perfect Dark. The label is headed up by a few JODY members—Ashley, production duo Supreme Cuts, Ki†—and friends like Youngcuhlord as a way to steadily release whenever. "We just got this brotherhood with an aesthetic Chicago hasn't seen yet," says the Young Cuh. "We just doing shit our own way. That's POSTURE." 

Keeping things tight, most production on Perfect Dark comes via Ashley himself, with just one cut from Supreme and one from Hawaiian Gardens. (Can't help but be reminded of another do-it-together crew we've been following lately, Atlanta's Awful Records—crowd-sourced creative control seems to be really working in 2014.) It's just really all rock solid. "We was the only niggas who was attached or involved in damn near every wave in the city," Ashley says. "We was waiting till we felt like we could really brew off doing whatever the fuck we wanted to do." Stream the entirety of Perfect Dark below—skip to "What the Fuck Is Going On?" and "Offer" for the fire-est of Cliff's Notes. Download is going up over at Posture's label HQ.

Download JODY Rapper/Producer David Ashley’s Debut Solo LP