There Is Now a Radio Station That Only Plays Beyoncé

92.1 FM in Houston made the kinda drastic format change due to poor ratings.

October 09, 2014

Imagine you turn on your radio expecting the local news, but instead you're hearing Beyoncé's music around the clock. Or all Bey long, if you will. That's what happened to Houston station 92.1 FM after it ceased being an all news-station on Wednesday and switched to only playing songs from the city's most famous daughter, reported. In a statement, the change was made after poor ratings and financial losses had threatened the station over the past couple of years. As for the switch, Yashima Azilove of Radio One, which owns 92.1 FM, explained: "She's Queen Bee. In looking to make a transition, we go back to what we know. We know urban radio. We're in Houston, the combination seemed like a winning one." It begs the question: will New York City follow suit with an all-Jay Z station? 

Photo from Beyonce's Instagram.

Posted: October 09, 2014
There Is Now a Radio Station That Only Plays Beyoncé