Kate Moss Made Champagne Glasses Moulded From Her Breasts

Rita Ora and friends gathered to drink from the cups that runneth over.

October 09, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, Kate MossRita Ora and friends gathered to celebrate the launch of Kate Moss' new creation: The Kate Moss 34 Coupe. Named for the restaurant they'll be served in, the glasses are cast from a precise mold of Moss' breasts, then affixed to a stem forming a surprisingly elegant and organic champagne glass. Artist Jane McAdam Freud, daughter of the famous painter Lucian, was responsible for the execution, despite the subject matter's divergence from the conceptual, abstract forms she normally works with. Moss's breast mold was a tempting new subject to explore as she told Style.com, "It was so beautiful, I wanted to take a bite out of it." Currently, the fine crystal glasses will only be available at 34 Restaurant in London, but if you can't make the trip across the pond America has plenty of tasteful, stylish alternatives.


Celebrating the Kate Moss 34 Coupe modelled on her breasts. She is wearing a Bella Freud tail coat, Saint Laurent trousers, Loubutin shoes, a Bulgari bag - and a wicked smile!

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Kate Moss Made Champagne Glasses Moulded From Her Breasts