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Stream LA Rapper Trev’s Constantly Morphing “Thaz It”

The lowkey MC dishes an impressive introduction over shifting chimes and ghostly voices.

October 09, 2014

The opening seconds of little-known LA rapper Trev's "Thaz It" don't properly capture the song. Nor does the first minute, or even the next one. Produced by DJ Wes and The Cords, the beat unfurls and unscrews until the very end: from a simple drum kick, to a deep bass crumbling, to ghostly voices floating through the pitch-shifted second half that feels like an entirely new track. Trev is a capable MC that wears Casey Veggies and Dom Kennedy's laid-back flow well: the lyrics are light, but we still can't stop bouncing along. 

Posted: October 09, 2014
Stream LA Rapper Trev’s Constantly Morphing “Thaz It”