In Other News: Columbus Day, The Based God’s Unbreakable Curse, And More

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October 13, 2014

Howard Zinn On The Evils Of Christopher Columbus

Picture: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The people's historian Howard Zinn details the genocidal horrors Christopher Columbus wreaked after "discovering" America for Jacobin. But don't feel guilty if you had today off, pretend the holiday was for Canadian Thanksgiving instead.

YouTube Is Launching A Fancy IRL Production Studio

The New York Times' David Carr visited Google's YouTube Space New York, a soon-to-be-opened IRL production studio and training space that Google—YouTube's parent company—hopes will be a resource and a lure for brands. Says Lance Podell, the global head of YouTube Spaces, “We want it to be the kind of place where the chocolate accidentally mixes with the peanut butter and makes something new and delicious."

Taco Bell Is Testing A New Sriracha Sauce

Photo: Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Apparently, the schtick-happy fast food chain has been quietly testing a new sriracha creme sauce-topped menu in Kansas stores. Reddit users who have tried the sauce complain that they've "[dumbed] the heat/flavor down to appease the masses" and that it adds more calories to your Quesarito than a dash of plain ole' hot sauce would. Life's tough!

Billboard Celebrates 35th Anniversary Of Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight"

Billboard goes long on the first hip-hop single to enter the charts: Sugarhill Gang's 14-minute watershed single "Rapper's Delight," which slotted No. 61 on the Hot Soul Singles Chart thirty-five years ago today. 

And, Finally...

Kevin Durant stays suffering from the curse that can't be broken.

Posted: October 13, 2014
In Other News: Columbus Day, The Based God’s Unbreakable Curse, And More