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Kanye West Explains The Idea Of Perfection

“Michelangelo is Michelangelo. And I’m Kanye West.”

October 15, 2014

During the photo shoot for his July feature in GQKanye West delivered a brief soliloquy on the concept of perfection and the duty that falls on artists to use their platforms to push forward. Kanye appears in a stylized montage of Ye sifting through fits, critiquing selects, and lacing Timbs, speaking with focus and clarity about holding himself to genius standards. "Michelangelo is Michelangelo," he says. "And I'm Kanye West." It's Church of Yeezus 101—we hope you've been reading your psalms and chapters.

Update 10/15/14: The video has since been taken down.

Kanye West Explains The Idea Of Perfection