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TĀLĀ’s Dwarfed By The Desert In Her “Alchemy” Video

Think ​Koyannisqatsi meets J. Lo’s ​The Cell meets that Windows 98 desert dune screen saver.

October 15, 2014

London's TĀLĀ  has shared a stunning new visual to match "Alchemy," the title-track off her upcoming EP, which arrives November 17th via Aesop. Shot by London artist Kate Moross, it captures the surreal or near-mystical beauty of the stark Merzouga Desert in Morocco—a vast orange expanse that just dwarfs the shape-shifting singer every time she shows up. Think Koyannisqatsi meets J. Lo's The Cell (TĀLĀ's actual reference point) meets that Windows 98 desert dune screen saver. Plus, don't miss our first interview with TĀLĀ from earlier this year.

Posted: October 15, 2014
TĀLĀ’s Dwarfed By The Desert In Her “Alchemy” Video