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Wu Lyf’s Former Singer Returns With An Ode To Love’s “Revolutionary Impulse”

Ellery James Roberts is as poetic and elaborate as ever, but on new project LUH he sounds hopeful too.

October 16, 2014

Post-punk angst has been around since the Cold War, and it’s a sentiment that continues to express a certain kind of devastated intensity that nothing else can quite capture. Ellery James Roberts—former frontman of short-lived UK band Wu Lyf—continues to operate in that mode, but now he’s got a new project, called LUH, a collaboration with his partner Ebony Hoorn, with a more hopeful outlook. They poetically introduce themselves and their first song/video, entitled "LUH Unites," with a collage of text and image in a Tumblr post: “True Love is of the same revolutionary impulse as non-acceptance to substandard anything, All that once held the solidity of unquestioned faith fell in the same belated breath.” In the video, images of hyperspeed metropolitan life are projected onto a rotating image of a couple’s embrace, set against a jet-black backdrop. Check it out above, and have another listen to Ellery’s last song post-Wu.

Posted: October 16, 2014
Wu Lyf’s Former Singer Returns With An Ode To Love’s “Revolutionary Impulse”