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Trip Out In The Desert Heat With Atlanta Duo EarthGang’s New Video

“16 Albinos In The S.W.A.T.S.” is all sun-warmed psychedelia.

Photographer Leandro Moura
October 20, 2014

Woozy Atlanta duo EarthGang quietly released their last full-length Shallow Graves For Toys back in 2013. Full of sunny jazz and soul-inflected beats chopped up with an experimental knife edge, the album—their most recent in a string of intricately weird releases since 2012—gathered enough steam to gain an iTunes re-release early this year, and today they share their heated new video for "16 Albinos In The S.W.A.T.S." This track in particular embodies their mish-mash sound, with the duo telling The FADER over email, "The inspiration for the song came from the blaring horn section on the track. These sounds reflect the southern, rhythmic, and boastful atmospheres of the West End/Campbellton Rd areas; regular ghettos that celebrate their customs and different ways of life despite the surrounding challenges."

For the full psychedelic EarthGang experience you could do worse than simply playing "Albinos" while staring into the warm, melting soul of their stunning album artwork. But you can go one better by following the duo's journey into the desert for a "trip within a trip" in their brand new video directed by Rob Mac Film and edited by Rex Arrow, which sees them get laid up in the desert while en route to LA, before having a whole bunch of chemical epiphanies.

Posted: October 20, 2014
Trip Out In The Desert Heat With Atlanta Duo EarthGang’s New Video