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In Other News: Don DeLillo Reviewed Taylor Swift’s “Track 3”

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October 23, 2014

Oscar Winner Jessica Lange Covered Lana Del Rel On American Horror Story

The current season of American Horror Story is set at a freak show, and Jessica Lange plays a lounge singer. In the latest episode, she performs a cabaret-style rendition of "Gods and Monsters" by FADER 92 cover star Lana Del Rey. Maybe the shape-shifting singer will appear on the show this season? Stranger things have happened.

Don DeLillo's Taylor Swift Review Feels Important

Taylor Swift accidentally released eight seconds of silence aka what will forever be known as "track 3." The renowned White Noise author reviewed the missive and it's amazing.

Are Makonnen And Peele Long-Lost Brothers?

Twitter seems to think so! Read our feature on iLoveMakonnen from The Producer's Issue.

And, Finally...

A bit of dark humor.

Posted: October 23, 2014
In Other News: Don DeLillo Reviewed Taylor Swift’s “Track 3”