The Teklife dude made us an exclusive set for Beat Week 2014.

October 27, 2014

If you didn't hear the news, it's officially Beat Week. So while we regularly drop fire FADER mixes anyway, this week we'll be spotlighting a couple of producers elevating the beat-making and beat-mixing game in a real way. This first one's from TASO, and it's the type of filler-less, screwy sound design we expected out of a core member of footwork crew Teklife. Featuring dizzy cuts like "Burn That Kush"—as well as unreleased tracks like the DJ Rashad-featuring "OTS"—the 40-minute mix is persistently sharp, flaunting syncopated hi-hats, numbingly repetitive samples, and hyperactive tempo flips. Is it possible to win Beat Week one day out? Did TASO just do that? Grab the mix below, and then read a quick Q+A with the Bay Area beat junkie about puffing on vaporizers with DJ Spinn, and Teklife's forthcoming DJ Rashad tribute compilation, NEXT LIFE, out November 11th via Hyperdub.

Where are you right now? Downtown LA. It's nighttime in the studio. My boy's dog, Doja, is passed out next to the subwoofer.

What vibe were you going for on this mix? Something for the blunted. Burn that kush n push play.

How did you get involved with Teklife? I first got involved with Teklife back in 2012. I met Spinn first at one of his shows, and we kicked it after and smoked out on a trippy stick. A couple months later, I met Rashad when they came back to San Francisco. After that, we worked on a bunch of trax and spent a lot of time in the studio. Every time they came out to Cali to work, I was honored and blessed to be a part of the team.

How has being part of Teklife shaped your approach to making music? In every way. I don't even look at my MPC2KXL the same way after working with the big bros. Every time I'd think of a track to sample they'd be all like,"We did that five years ago, fool." The learning process never ends.

Could you tell me a bit about the Teklife compilation that's coming up on Hyperdub? The Teklife compilation is called NEXT LIFE and it is coming out on Hyperdub on November 11th. All proceeds go to Rashad's son, Chad. There's gonna be 20 tracks on it and everyone should go n cop it when it drops. To everyone who already knows about it and is anticipating it, thank you ahead of time. We appreciate the hell out of y'all.

What's the last book you read that had an effect on you? The Art of War.

What do you like to cook? My secret grilled chicken. I can't tell ya all the steps and ingredients cause it would ruin the secret....family recipe on lockdown.

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