Tunji Ige Premieres Goosebump-Inducing “Slow Dance” Video

The college sophomore turned low-key hitmaker debuts a song and video from upcoming The Love Project.

October 31, 2014

Tunji Ige, the state college sophomore who's not-so low-key the next Kid Cudi, is preparing a full-length, called The Love Project. Today, he's premiering an epic new song and video from that release, called "Slow Dance." Directed by Glassface, the video falls ambitiously between home movie and full-blown Yeezus tour opera.

"The video was built on a simple idea," Tunji explained via email. "Take the typical formula for a rap video, and remove all the context. No faces are shown, the location and time period are indistinct, only the common themes remain. The narrative of the video follows the violent aftermath as a gang member leaves his gang upon discovering a mystical liquid that promises invincibility." He continued: "It is about the idea of greed and ownership and whatnot, but for me, the fountain is an artist's creativity & art, and the gold mask is the artist. Everyone else is trying to get a taste of his ideas and take them from him, but he's sustained because he's building a legacy through his creativity, and for that reason the artist will live forever."

For more on Tunji's double life as a communications major turned major artist, read Carrie Battan's feature.

Tunji Ige Premieres Goosebump-Inducing “Slow Dance” Video