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Listen To Music Made By Aphex Twin’s 6-Year-Old Son

Technically, he was only 5 when he made most of it.

Illustration Gwendal Le Bec
November 03, 2014

In a conversation with Noyzelab, Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, has shared some music made by his second-oldest son, which is available to hear below. "My 6 year old has already made an album on [digital workstation] Renoise and published it on Bandcamp wtf!" he says in the lengthy interview, which was conducted over the course of a couple months and covers such topics as rave culture, 9/11 conspiracies, and smashing unsatisfactory equipment.

The productions have been confirmed by James' label Warp as the real thing; there's something endearing about a kindergarten-age child intuitively toying with abrasive electronic textures. "He is so advanced mainly because he is trying to keep up with his 8yr old bro who is also going way deep into computers already," James continues. "Dunno where they get it from." Hmm—I wonder? While you're listening, read The FADER's interview with Aphex Twin about his new album, Syro, which is out now on Warp.

Listen To Music Made By Aphex Twin’s 6-Year-Old Son