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Ariana Grande And The Weeknd Get Cozy In “Love Me Harder” Video

Plus, Ariana calls the cops after an overzealous fan sends her a pumpkin, a set of Yankee candles, and a rock.

November 03, 2014

Ariana Grande has shared a dimly lit video for "Love Me Harder," the darkest, moodiest, and most overtly sexual song off her recently-released album My Everything– due, perhaps, in large part to her collaborator the Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye, who at one point offers, "When I get you moaning you'll know it's real/ Can you feel the pressure between your hips." Within, BadGalAri– who's ditched her cutesy ponytail for cutesy cat ears– rolls and writhes around in an abandoned mansion until it's time to rendezvous with Tesfaye in a dusty stairwell.

In other Ari news, TMZ reports that a steadfast Massachusetts fan was paid a visit by his local police after Ariana's label complained about the unceasing– and unusual, but perhaps seasonal? – gifts he's been sending to the spoken-for starlet. Among them, there was a 42-pound pumpkin, a half dozen or so Yankee candles, a couple of pet-themed calendars, a mirror set from Kmart, a Kay Jewelers anklet, and a rock from the White Mountains in New Hampshire. That is certainly one way to love harder...

Ariana Grande And The Weeknd Get Cozy In “Love Me Harder” Video