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P. Reign Premieres Drake-Directed “DnF” Video

Come for the chill vibes, stay for the goofy Drake skits.

November 06, 2014

His EP out, Toronto rapper and OVO ally P. Reign hit St. Maarten with the big man Drake to fully indulge in "pause mode." In the new video for his Drake-and-Future-assisted single "DnF," the two are poolside, drinks in hand, hanging out with a couple of pretty tings whom Drake "picked up in town." Come for the chill-out vibes, stay for the goofy skits and Drake's bucket hat. It was co-directed by Drake and Davin Black.

"This is really just a record about having fun and letting loose. It was inspired by every day shit," P. Reign told FADER. "Fuck the stress, the bullshit and everything that goes with it, let those inhibitions go and just have a good time. I mean, sometimes I feel like people are more concerned with being cool and what people think rather than having fun. When you work as hard as we do, more rest and sex is all a nigga needs, and when you dealing with the streets 24/7 sometimes you need something to put your mind at ease." Okay!

P. Reign Premieres Drake-Directed “DnF” Video