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Listen To Doc Daneeka’s 4/4 Thumper “Together”

November 10, 2014

Last year, Ten Thousand Yen co-boss Doc Daneeka released one of the best house singles of 2013 with "Walk On In," a crackling soul-kissed tune that saw release on typically reliable Glasgow label Numbers. Since then, he's explored similar territory with a pair of solid releases: last year's Sketches of You four-tracker for 2020 Midnight Visions, as well as another Numbers release this year, the massive "Treptow," which was a big highlight on Glaswegian beat-welter and Numbers co-founder Jackmaster's cracking BBC Essential Mix from earlier this year.

Daneeka's readying his debut LP for future release, but in the meantime he's returned to Ten Thousand Yen with a fresh EP, From Mine to Mistress, which just saw release today. The four-track release finds Daneeka doing some enjoyable stylistic wandering with an assist from Houston-born techno-funk impresario Seven Davis Jr.; "Together," on the other hand, sticks close to Daneeka's established 4/4 zone, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Its soul-flipping pulse recalls "Walk On In" in how it cannily fuses a dusty melody with the type of big, bold rhythm that gets clubgoers moving.

Listen to the entirety of the From Mine to Mistress EP here.

Listen To Doc Daneeka’s 4/4 Thumper “Together”