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Tyler, The Creator Crashes A Fan’s Comedy Show

The Odd Future leader’s nice side is showing again.

Photographer Mark Peckmezian
November 11, 2014

Tyler, the Creator's nice streak is showing again. Caught by MissInfo, the current FADER cover boy did something awfully nice for a fan who had flown from Ireland to attend last weekend's Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles. Earlier this year, Amateur comedian Aaron McCann had reached out to Tyler on Formspring (Tyler's active there) to invite him to watch his post-Carnival, 10-minute stand-up set in North Hollywood. He recieved only a coy "who knows……" in reply. But what do you know, last night Tyler showed. And so at the end of his set, Aaron asked if he would join him on stage. "Congrats," said Tyler, surprised but ever the good sport. "This man came all the way from wherever the fuck Ireland is and he followed his dreams and he's fucking here. With that courage, you don't know where the fuck you can end up. So congratulations, and fucking right."

For more on Tyler's ambition, shine theory—"I want everyone to fucking win," he says. "If everyone wins, everyone is smiling. And if everyone is smiling, everyone is happy. And when everyone is happy, we won't have niggas killing each other no more."—and new album, don't miss Matthew Trammell's FADER 95 cover story here.

Tyler, The Creator Crashes A Fan’s Comedy Show