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This Skrillex And Trollphace Remix Sounds Like The Apocalypse

Two LA producers remake arid dubstep out of venomous trap on this remix of Yogi and Pusha T’s “Burial.”

November 13, 2014

When you can make music as direct and powerful as Skrillex can, you get afforded the opportunity to make musical choices that might otherwise be considered kind of leftfield, but still have them bang. With this remix of London-based, OWSLA-affiliated producer Yogi's "Burial" featuring Pusha T, the reigning king of dubstep and fellow LA producer Trollphace do just that. Using the subtract-and-modulate formula, they take the upbeat-swung, timekeeping chords of classic dub reggae (which actually started as remixes of popular singles) and stretch them out over this venomous bit of trap. Bringing to mind The Bug's recent work, it sounds arid and very angry—almost like the apocalypse. "As an upcoming producer he has so much talent and potential," Skrillex told The FADER. "It was really rad getting a chance to remix this record for Yogi." Yogi's remix EP, which is out now, also includes interpretations by Moody Good and Crookers.

Photo credit: Jason Nocito

This Skrillex And Trollphace Remix Sounds Like The Apocalypse