The 5 Most Bizarre Details From Kim Kardashian’s PAPER Interview

“All my friends tell me the world could be coming to an end, and I’m always so calm,” she says, opening a packet of Equal.

November 13, 2014

Amanda Fortini's PAPER article on Kim Kardashian (you know, the one that accompanies those photos) holds the reality star in its cupped hands, poking and prodding her from every possible angle: philosophical, analytical, visual. The overarching point of the piece is that Kim is many things all at once—a cipher, a Bambi, a coquette, a provocateur, a wife, a mother, a flake, a specimen of physical perfection, "an anime character come to life"—while also being nothing, or rather, being nothing more: with Kim Kardashian, what you see is what you get, and we've literally now seen it all. But when it comes to Kim K., we're always hungry for more, so here's the four weirdest and most absurd facts we gleaned from the feature:

1. Kim's instant recall of hundreds of selfies

"She has spent hours sifting through her vast, meticulously organized digital archive. 'The book company edited them, and I was like, ''Wait a minute! There are like 300 here that you're not adding!'' she says. I remark that I am surprised she can remember and differentiate among a bunch of near-identical photos of her face. She can, she says; she is organizing them chronologically, dating them by what she wore to specific events. 'I know what I wore, what accessories I wore, where I was, who I was with,' she tells me. 'I remember everything.' Her mind, it seems, traps the minutiae most of us forget."

2. Kim talking about posting a selfie and then posting a selfie

"'My makeup artist said to me the other day, 'You haven't taken a selfie in a while,'' Kardashian says, as the afternoon slides into evening and the light turns magic-hour blue. To remedy this, she posted one of herself in full makeup and a white terrycloth robe, with the literal caption, 'It's been a while since I've taken a selfie.' It garnered more than a half-a-million likes.

3. Kim predicting she'd be chilled out during the apocalypse

"'You just have to not care. You just have to say, 'This is our life, and it is what it is.' Her delivery is Zen-like, almost affectless, as it is on the show. 'All my friends tell me the world could be coming to an end, and I'm always so calm,' she says, opening a packet of Equal."

4. Kim biting her nails

"She empties its contents into a glass of passion fruit iced tea, then fastidiously bites granules of sweetener off her manicured nails."

5. Kim's clairvoyant reaction to a fan-requested selfie

"She obliges, leaning in for the picture and striding away almost before I can blink. 'She's gonna post it,' Kardashian says wryly. 'I bet it's posted right now.'"

The 5 Most Bizarre Details From Kim Kardashian’s PAPER Interview