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Listen To Bipolar Sunshine’s Buoyant New Single, “Daydreamer”

The British artist made the tune about trying to maintain his sanity and dreams, and based on how contagious it is, we think he succeeded.

November 18, 2014

British pop artist Bipolar Sunshine has tweeted a couple of things lately that might provide some helpful context for understanding what he's going for with his sun-bright, ebullient new single "Daydreamer," produced by SBTRKT and Fraser T Smith: "I often fantasize with the notion that anything is possible" (linking to a preview of the song we're premiering today) and "Answering creative questions with non creative people who then try and tell me what to do just longs out my day." We're glad Bipolar Sunshine is staying resilient, because he's making music that's pretty undeniable in its pop contagiousness. Indeed, he told FADER of "Daydreamer" that the song is "about trying to maintain my sanity and dreams whist swimming with sharks. Maintaining what you intended to do and carrying it out to the end." Check it out above.

Posted: November 18, 2014
Listen To Bipolar Sunshine’s Buoyant New Single, “Daydreamer”