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B£AMS Makes Bass Tracks That Sound Like Home

The Brixton producer’s “Pimp Seer” is taken from his forthcoming release on Sonic Router.

November 19, 2014

I had this story book as a kid that was about a city-living family who took a day trip to the countryside to try and spot a butterfly. They spent the day running through fields and woods without any luck. Dejected, they returned home, only to be surprised by a glorious butterfly sunning itself on their garden wall. Having moved to NYC this year, it's funny that I only now hear about B£AMS—a producer who's based in my old home of Brixton, London. "Pimp Seer," a new track from his upcoming release on Sonic Router, captures the pace and tone of that neighborhood: tripping along to its own beat, away from the chaos of the rest of the capital.

"I wanted 'Pimp Seer' to be drenched in a lo-fi haze," B£AMS told The FADER. "The strength of the sub-bass manages to propel the tune along in a laid-back, care-free fashion—the live bass was provided by Matthew McGough of Sunless '97. It's kind of a languid production, constructed out of sheer perseverance to escape the mundane side of my writing process. It's me striving to say on top of my game; trying to be a jack of all trades but master of none." Sonic Router will release B£AMS's Unforthcoming Self on cassette and digital download on December 1st (pre-order it here).

B£AMS Makes Bass Tracks That Sound Like Home