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Watch The Violent Video For Skrillex’s “Fuck That”

Nabil-helmed clip for the Recess cut.

November 21, 2014

Skrillex's surprise album from earlier this year, Recess, was a chaotic affair that saw Sonny Moore going full-bore on the maximalist tip after marking 2013 with the more subtle, moody Leaving EP. Still, the record had a turn-down moment or two, relatively speaking, one of which was the sorta-house-y "Fuck That". That song has a video now courtesy of Nabil, and unlike some of the director's other work, this one's more narrative-focused; the clip centers around an underground fighter and, ostensibly, his lover running afoul of some gun-toting enemies and a mystical hooded guy or two. Not going to spoil the ending, but it's not a happy one (I think).

Photo credit: Jason Nocito

Watch The Violent Video For Skrillex’s “Fuck That”