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Throwing Snow’s Max Cooper Remix Is Just The Thing For Wintry Mornings

Like a second chapter to the original’s first, Throwing Snow uses classic UK dubstep’s rhythmic template to evoke a subdued yet unsettled mood.

November 26, 2014

The original mix of "Origins" by London-based producer Max Cooper (pictured above) has a just-waking-up-on-a-winter's-day feel, in slow motion but with big moments of sustained beauty. Fellow Londoner Throwing Snow's remix, premiering here today, is like a second chapter in the story where the focus narrows and the plot thickens a bit, rather than serving as a radical departure from the original. When FADER staffer Ruth Saxelby wrote up Throwing Snow's "Avarice" earlier this year, she noted its emotive cinematic qualities, and those same buttons are definitely being pushed here: taking the drama available in classic UK dubstep's rhythmic template as a starting place, the remix finds the space in between cold and warm, bristly and soft, evoking a mood that's equal parts subdued and unsettled. Cooper told FADER about his appreciation of Throwing Snow's remix: "It's hard to put his aesthetic into words—maybe a slightly sparse, expanse of feeling and huge bass is part of the story, but whatever you want to call it, he's stamped down his thing onto the track and left us with something that is at it's best with a proper sub in the room," he said. "It's linked to the original, but very much does it's own thing, exactly what I would hope for with any remix." Check it out below.

Photo Credit: Shaun Bloodworth

Throwing Snow’s Max Cooper Remix Is Just The Thing For Wintry Mornings