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Listen To A Demo Version Of Grimes’ “Go”

“We mighta mixed a bit of the soul out of it in retrospect,” Grimes says.

December 02, 2014

When FADER interviewed Blood Diamonds for our Beat Construction column, the LA-based producer mentioned that he and Grimes' collaborative banger "Go" was conceived during a late-night yerba mate binge. Today, Grimes posted an unmixed demo version of the track to her Tumblr with a note that confirms the pair were indeed "extremely caffeinated that day." The demo is a rough-ish, slightly weirder version of the polarizing one-off; Grimes notes they "mighta mixed a bit of the soul out of it" in the final version. Here's her full post:

"haha james just sent me this weird demo of go, considering the wackiness of the breakdown i assume this is the orig demo cuz we were extremely caffeinated that day

i dunno if its particularly different from the 'final version' but im always interested in hearing demo versions of things so i figured yall mite b. i think we mighta mixed a bit of the soul out of it in retrospect, i appreciate the absurdity of mike's 2nd drop, the thicker snares in the intro etc. its a bit more crowded

also these are demo vocals for songwriting purposes only and they suck a lot so dont mind them.

** also have no idea how this leaked but it doesn't seem to hurt anything that it exists"

Photo credit: Crystin Wiegers for FYF Fest

Listen To A Demo Version Of Grimes’ “Go”