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Lana Del Rey’s “Big Eyes” And “I Can Fly” Have Leaked

Both are featured in Tim Burton’s new movie, ‘Big Eyes.’

lana del rey
Photographer Geordie Wood
December 03, 2014

A couple days ago we posted a teaser trailer for Tim Burton's new flick Big Eyes, which also functioned as a lyric video for Lana Del Rey's "Big Eyes," the movie's theme song. Now, two of her contributions to the soundtrack—"Big Eyes" and "I Can Fly"—have leaked. Burton's biopic, which hits theaters Christmas Day, tells the story of artist Margaret Keane, whose memorable paintings of children with oversized eyes were falsely credited to her husband, and LDR's cinematic ballads both seem thematically linked to Keane's plight; You had me caged up like a bird in the summer, she sings on "I Can Fly."

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Lana Del Rey’s “Big Eyes” And “I Can Fly” Have Leaked