Listen To Bryce Hackford’s Melodic Hissing Techno Cut “Figures”

A jacking cut from the Brooklyn producer’s forthcoming super-limited CDR release.

December 03, 2014

Brooklyn producer Bryce Hackford cut an auspicious figure late last year with Fair, his drone-dance debut release for then-newly minted label PRAH. A year later, he's back with a new release, Amnesia, which sees release on December 15 via PRAH and Phonica in a super-limited run of 75 CDRs. The release eschews any notion of vocal presence entirely, in favor of hardware-driven electronic cuts that run the gamut from club-ready to downright entrancing in their oddness. The bleeping, pulsing house figures of "Figures" obviously land in the former category.

"As with all the tracks for this record, 'Figures' was made really quickly & is about the energy & nuances of the improvisations," Hackford told FADER in an email. "The volatility of experience & integration with found material towards holistic sensual space. For celebrating several kinds of memory & loss."

Lead photo: Sara Kinney

Listen To Bryce Hackford’s Melodic Hissing Techno Cut “Figures”